About Us


Corset Brand

Fashion has varied widely throughout the centuries providing the best shapes of women's bodies. Today, we @ ps8-store created a design focusing on emphasizing women's shapes to both unreasonably large and insanely tiny bodies. We created these designs to satisfy our customers to regain confidence in their bodies.

Our designs are produced well to obtain strength from the resistance of the body that provides an even amount of pressure over large areas of the body but prevents bruising and nerve pinching. We strive to produce high quality corsets so as to make women safe from skin irritation when worn properly and that allows you to enjoy how it looks or feels on your body.



Varsity Jacket & Leather Product Brand

Leather-haus is a clothing maker and retailer which has high concentration on varsity jackets or outerwear. Our clear objective is to bring accurate notable designs legitimately to shoppers all around the world...

Established in 2016, our jackets are one of the most marketable because of its top quality. We provide huge selection of on-hand jackets that is prepared to transport that can be ordered plain or customized by our buyers. In spite of our huge in-stock choices of styles and colors, we will likewise produce made-to-order any of our jacket styles in any color chosen by our customers with a large number of shades to choose from.

It is our aim to please our customers that's why we strive to produce good quality jackets with attention to detail designs.