Health & Safety Information


For those of you with medical conditions please consult your Doctor before tight lacing your corset.

Waist Training is not suitable for teenagers or adults who are still developing.

Corsets may improve your body shapes and posture while achieving that ideal form of yours. But there is still caution that we need to watch out, for your safety. Yes, it gives support for the back which reduces the work back muscles perform. But wearing a corset for a very extended period of time can result in muscle atrophy and lower-back pain. The pectoral muscles also become weak after extensive tight-lacing. These weakened muscles cause a greater reliance on the corset. Also, constant use may cause serious skin breakdown or dryness. So, it is advice to take care of your skin with moisturizer and correct exercises should be performed to avoid back muscle strain.



When using a corset for the first time, a Sensible Waist Training should be done. It is a safe and effective way to shape your waist to achieve your dream bodily shape with caution. We at PS8 - Store, a leading expert on design & development of Waist Training Corsets always advice our customers to consult a Medical Professional before starting the Waist Training Program because we are concerned about your health too.

Our goal is for our customers to successfully achieve the shape they dreamed of. Our expert will guide you in selecting the perfect corset that rightfully fits your requirements. At the same time, we want your Medical Practitioner to monitor your health throughout the process for your health safety while achieving your goal.